Kids In Business®

At the heart of our organization is love & passion


Kids In Business®, a non-profit organization founded in 1985 by Barbara Weiland. The goal of KIB is to educate children and families about the many aspects of starting a business, financial literacy, and basic skills/knowledge.

Since its inception, Barbara has led many different educational campaigns and charitable programs, and has held her passion and love of children and education at full strength for many decades! Her latest project, The Kinney Garden, began just 3 years ago with a single dollar, and has blossomed into one of her most successful programs ever!


Kids In Business® provides a safe space for children & teens to learn about & experience the world around them! We maintain a heavy focus on science, agriculture, botany, & social interaction.

Give Back

The cornerstone of Kids In Business® is Giving Back. Everything we do is meant to help empower our communities & give our children all the love, education, & healthy food they deserve!

Our Trusted Partners

These are just a few of the people who help make our dream a reality!

The Turrell Fund of NJ has been sponsoring programs for KIB for over 20 years & has been a big part of our success! The Turrell Fund specializes in funding programs for young children in need, helping them access the resources they need to thrive. You can learn more at

Whole Cities Foundation partners with communities to increase access to healthy foods and nutrition education. They have been a huge help in helping the Kinney Garden establish a thriving garden full of fresh fruits, vegetables, & herbs, that all go right to local families in need! Learn more at

Newark Community Solutions provides judges with increased sentencing options for non-violent offenses such as drug possession, prostitution, and shoplifting. By expanding the use of community service and social service mandates, Newark Community Solutions reduces the court’s reliance on ineffective fines and expensive short-term jail sentences, enhances procedural justice, and builds public confidence in justice. You can read more about them on this page.